Monday, 10 October 2011

Intellectual processes quantum mechanics inspired, completes the circle that spirituality magic sparked at the dawn of humanity.

Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space

"Relativity prevents anything that falls into a black hole from escaping, because it would have to travel faster than light to do so - a cosmic speed limit that is strictly enforced. But quantum mechanics enforces its own strict law: things, or more precisely the information that they contain, cannot simply vanish from reality. Black hole evaporation put physicists between a rock and a hard place."

.. quantum mechanics enforces its own strict law: things, or more precisely the information that they contain, cannot simply vanish from reality ..

.. the claim ..

.. 'the information that they contain, cannot simply vanish from reality' ..

.. weird .. the thought that came into my mind .. things .. humans as such .. the information they contain .. some call it consciousness .. some even call it soul .. cannot simply vanish from reality .. what can be implied out of it .. of what quantum mechanics proclaim ..

.. is it moving towards the completion of a circle .. a loop .. in the human intellectual endeavour ..

.. quantum mechanics full circle to what .. spirituality .. or anything else that has been called .. magic even .. has started up with ..

.. and if it is not directly .. and not as yet .. giving us a full picture of what is going on .. which in itself requires a leap .. the riding, galloping upon a disbelief of our very own perceptions

as the only thing we have .. precarious .. thinly veiled .. balancing on a thin edge .. despite the enormity and the sophistication of the instruments used .. it does not hide the fact that .. it is built upon concepts that have been painstakingly constructed, created

.. it is sustained by .. the processes that are sparked inside our brains .. the very same processes that have fuelled .. spirituality .. divinity .. magic

they might just be .. wishful thinking .. creating illusions .. of a reality, where there is none, or .. even the quantum mechanisms underlying our observed, the classical world .. the glimpse of their imprint left upon .. that kicks in

that puts .. the brain .. at the centre of any bunch of processes .. that have sustained .. any kind of thinking ..that has come out .. by any group of individuals .. in human history .. especially at present .. where human brains dug inroads in an attempt to surpass selves.. beyond physical limits .. beyond the furthest it has been possible to observe ..

any brain .. of any .. and of all individuals ..can click ..phase in .. grapple and contribute .. in the current attempt to surpass physical limits .. sufficed of the firm grasp of the concepts involved .. breaking up the laughable .. the cosmic joke .. the folly .. the insane powers to be .. the primitive survival games played out .. the world over .. prohibiting billions of individuals .. from accomplishing their primary task .. answering to their true calling

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