Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Executives do not deserve their companies. Take them out of their greedy hands.

BBC News - High pay of UK executives corrosive, report says

to take the companies out of their hands ..

upstarts .. did away with the traditional company structure ... filling the vacuum .. left .. by the departing industrialists of yesteryear ..

money .. the worse ever indicator of wealth .. wealthy people .. based upon the money .. they can master .. absurd .. de-stabilising societies

wealth measured .. in terms of the latest of the products and services .. that companies assisted by technology .. can make available .. wealth that makes people's lives ..better

the car .. from its birth .. the lowly Ford .. to the state of the art .. latest model .. all current models .. incorporate all the innovations .. human ingenuity applied by the concerted efforts put up by car-making companies .. providing the fruit .. that people enjoy these days ..

today's car .. right out of the chaos concept of attractors .. innovations piling up .. to make an already fine model .. better .. that is what's worth for people .. and it is not the money made and continue to make ..

out of the coordinated efforts .. of all the car makers

wealth that spreads horizontally .. for all people .. is the wealth to be sought after ..

wealth that is .. at anyone's .. disposal..

companies are not there to make people rich .. companies are the sharpest tool .. human ingenuity has come up with .. to push deeper and further .. exploration ahoy

relying upon .. the current bunch of executives .. the corrosive idea .. that companies are ..for making money ..

concentrate .. focus .. to create .. the ultimate .. the human mind can provide .. in products and services ..

companies at the service of people ..

.. what technology can afford ..

High Pay Commission

one still wanders .. whether the sentiment you emanate .. is a real change of heart .. or you just saying it .. just for the shake of saying it .. just another attempt to dupe .. and lull the minds of people ..

or a genuine attempt .. to fit .. with the sentiment .. that has so amply been expressed .. the anger felt .. when the products and services .. that people thoroughly deserve .. which technological advance make available .. to become an instrument of exploitation .. in the hands of undeserving individuals ..

people spoke .. you speak out .. responding to the pressure .. you feel ..people put on you .. the people will continue to apply pressure .. and you will continue to feel it .. till the change is finally effected .. to actually receive .. what they really deserve .. and above to realise .. that any organisation depends upon ..the coordinated efforts .. of all its employees .. that there are not .. miracle makers .. leaders that will pop-out .. the lard out of the box .. the Midas touch .. that will make a company .. truckloads of money .. finding the slightest inkling bucketfuls of

corrosive .. corrosive indeed .. corrosive attitudes .. that plague societies ..

it was not that long ago .. as, president of PepsiCo reminds us ..

"Richard Evans, president of PepsiCo in the UK and Irish Republic, told the BBC that the UK has to be competitive with the rest of the world.

"If we want great people to come and work in the UK, given it's a global talent pool, we've got to be prepared to pay the amount of money that those executives can get elsewhere in the world," he said.

Pepsico and all other big corporations spread out all over the world, the precious executives, he mentions, are in the service of the same companies, elsewhere in the world and for the sake of luring them in Britain to be in the service of the very same company should waste amounts of money, to serve a mindless corrosive idea of competition. Self-serving notions come up to mind.

companies unleashing everything at their disposal .. to attract the best .. the job market has .. spiralling compensations .. of high and mighty executives .. to unprecedented heights .. from state .. to banks .. to other big corporations .. all in mind .. to increase revenues and profits .. unrelentingly at the expense of their customers .. the term client .. synonymous to a mindless minion

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