Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Human individual, from an entity to be exploited, a plaything at the hands of usurpers to an entity to exploit. Recognising its immense potential.

brains ..on-line .. connected .. massive parallelism .. to compute .. relentlessly

human individual .. from an entity to be exploited .. the plaything at the hands of usurpers .. to an entity to exploit .. recognising its immense potential ..

individuals raising selves up .. from a .. fodder existence .. for corporations ..and their minions .. the govs and states ..

from a maggot-infested planet .. maggots humans .. to butterflies .. for which .. the skies ..are the limits ..

call them social networks .. hives ..more likely .. intuition-driven machines .. fed with the appropriate data ..

if you place .. these brains .. engineer the environment .. they live and play .. to solve the mysteries .. dangling above their heads .. since their first foot-steps on this earth ..

brains .. as any form of computer .. the number-crunching machines .. brains .. reality-crunching machines .. offering solutions to any problems in their stride

a world-wide change of scope

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