Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A loan failing to fulfil its role as an investment, the debt incurred ought to be discarded. Money the vehicle but never the carrier...

.. of growth and prosperity.

New threat to bailout as Greek right rejects more austerity

bailouts .. in mind to serve the lenders .. at the expense of the debtors .. despite the failure of the loans .. as investments ..

which speak of .. it never meant to be ..such .. namely, an investment ..

what they keep calling ..investors .. that Merkel and Sarcozy want to save with the bailouts .. the Goldman Sachs and the like .. piling up in stock-markets ..and other exchanges .. are pure and simple .. usurers ..

usury, their trade ..

whereas .. a loan that does not live up to its expectations .. is defunct ..

if a loan failed to fulfil its role as an investment .. the debt incurred .. ought to be discarded ..

if not .. a burden .. a noose that tightens .. and threatens to drown .. the one that carries the debt ..

money .. simply the vehicle .. but never the carrier ..of growth and prosperity ..

the carrier .. the human individual .. either on its own ..or in groups

the human individual ..intact .. the unquestionable aim .. imperative ..

it is its/their vitality .. the precedent ..

that whoever is involved in providing the loan .. ought to bear in mind .. to preserve .. nurture and nourish .. and sustain the carrier ..


a corpse .. is no use to anyone .. someone .. who severs its life-lines .. can not serve ..society .. humanity ..

international bodies .. realize that .. put people .. before profits and revenues .. and have put procedures forth .. to achieve balance .. in the challenged states emerging ..

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