Monday, 23 April 2012

Humanity depends upon billionaires, money a necessary prerogative for humanity progress. An unashamed fallacy perpetrated upon people..

Billionaires and Polymaths Expected To Unveil a Plan To Mine Asteroids - Slashdot

..i am thoroughly disappointed by you ..

.. the source .. A Quixotic Quest to Mine Asteroids via @WSJ

..a myth a fallacy perpetrated .. that humanity depends upon billionaires .. money a necessary prerogative for humanity progress

the idea of .. fucking profit .. behind each big venture .. as if humanity should wait for billionaires entrepreneurs for any big projects

no need for fucking money .. only the resources and ..the men and women .. devoted to that manner ..

humanity needs .. to put ..profit .. to the scrapheap of history .. render it ..completely a nonsensical word ..

it is a thoroughly inane concept .. which it's utility is surpassed in today's world ..

none of the big projects .. can be undertaken .. under its auspices .. the money auspices ..

the common denominator .. for each and every activity in today's world .. money .. ought to .. to bow out .. no longer offers .. alternatives ..usable for humanity's aspirations .. that can barely match

humanity's progress and vast potential .. imperatively demands .. money is stalling humanity's progress .. to a ..virtual halt ..

are you nuts .. to even considering .. thinking along the lines of .. money .. what money can afford ..

so .. restricting a concept .. that suffocates progress .. the framework of money .. no longer .. valid

out of pace .. with humanity's progress .. ought to be discarded .. immediately ..

the longer it is kept .. the longer would .. progress be stalled ..

what do you need for such projects .. resources ..and the people .. to bring to fruition the project ..

what the heck .. money has to do with that .. let alone ..profit ..

fucking billionaires .. what the fuck do they have .. paper money .. inflated bank accounts ..

how does that represent the resources that are needed .. the people that ..will work for that

what the fuck is money ..other than good will .. the belief.. the only thing that a billionaire individual carries along ..

a purely ..make belief .. state of affairs .. situation .. that is constantly challenged .. in today's world ..

a myth that is perpetrated that is ought to be discarded ..

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