Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Billionaires, money, profit, states, humanity and the simple re-arrangement of such common words to create new ..thingys.


... passive they are created ..

.. they do not .. create ..themselves ..

a new way of thinking about things .. and you do not have to have an inexhaustible arsenal of words to achieve that ..

common every day words would suffice .. just re-arrange .. need just simple re-arrangement ..

to new combinations (or pointedly associations) ..of words .. would do ..the trick to speak ..

like the pieces of a puzzle .. that fit together to produce an image .. only that .. that there are more than one way the puzzle pieces fit .. more than one coherent and meaningful ..image out of the very same puzzle pieces ..a.k.a. words ..

..for example .. the following ..puzzle pieces/words ..

billionaires .. money .. profit .. humanity .. states .. progress .. prospects .. fucking ..

the combinations ..a.k.a. ..associations .. out of them..

billionaires .. fucking .. humanity .. for .. profit .. states .. the ..pimps .. issue .. to pay for the fucking ..done ..

..not only fucking humanity .. they are getting paid to fuck ..humanity ..

(your cognitive apparatus brings along ..effortlessly spontaneously .. other more common words stored in every and any brain, since non-consenting fucking goes on, and if anyone believes otherwise then this individual is not an earth-resident, ..and is for profit, you would necessarily have pimps involved)

.. billionaires .. Gaddafi was a billionaire .. Vladimir Putin .. they say ..he is .. Bashar Al-Assad .. there are viable speculations that he ought to be ..

and many others of this world ..

the picture .. worldwide media of any kind .. promote .. propagate .. like this piece from a well reputable publication .. New Scientist ..

would have us believe .. otherwise .. as it comes out of this story ..

Short Sharp Science: Mining asteroids could boost space exploration

"Talk of mining asteroids was once the preserve of corduroy-flare-clad, optimists of the Apollo era. Now the idea is making a comeback thanks to enterprising tech billionaires and a nascent commercial space industry."

the .. corduroy-flare-clad, optimists of the Apollo era .. replaced by .. enterprising tech billionaires ..

the irony ..attempted .. the shitting ..of NASA .. flows back into the face of the author ..

"Planetary Resources says its first step is to launch a small fleet of space telescopes within the next few years to identify potentially valuable near-Earth asteroids. While asteroids are known to be rich in platinum, nickel and other precious metals that are steadily rising in value, it's still the start of a daunting task."

.. are steadily rising in value .. the reason for .. envisaging such a feat ..

for ..profit ..

when it is .. renown to the whole world .. that when it comes to profit ..

who gives a shit .. where profit comes .. it is a lot easier .. to acquire profit .. by .. according to the spending habits ..of the world .. in 1998 (Consider the global priorities in spending in 1998).. by selling drugs .. military equipment ..

"Even so, drilling, mining, refining in zero gravity has never been tried. Without gravity to help keep rocks on conveyor belts, for example, ore will have to be transported in whole new ways."

can the gravity .. of this statement .. so hard to sink ..into

how ..on earth(may use the name of another planet) .. an enterprise .. defined by profit .. could ever sustain .. such an endeavor

a blatant attempt .. to justify .. the existence of billionaires .. that actually would be willing to pour money down the drain .. for years sustaining losses .. with no returns .. at all ..

"Anderson's co-founder is Peter Diamandis of the X Prize foundation, which runs competitions to stimulate privately funded space technology. The pair are backed by billionaires from Google, Microsoft and Dell and are advised by film director James Cameron and ex-NASA employees."

and the other one .. this Peter Diamandis .. competitions promotions .. to stimulate privately funded space technology ... who does he think he is kidding on ..

in their mind .. and what will happen .. as projects of the sort .. will take place .. but they will be funded .. by states.. what they call the taxpayer .. though the taxpayer is only there .. to fund the billionaires ..annual bill to the states .. the funds will be .. quantitatively eased .. into making this project possible .. and who is going .. to get the benefit .. the fucking ..enterprising billionaires of today's .. or so they think so ..

the profit .. always in mind .. and in their mind

to make profit .. from the word ..go .. Peter Diamandis .. and any other involved party .. is probably making profit .. as we speak .. that article in New Scientist .. would have made him .. a nice little earner ..

once you make .. your associations .. you test them .. you take a story .. out of .. the many .. or .. using another ..word .. the thousands that fly hither-thither and yon 

and you .. weave around ..the network of words .. that is .. the associations which you have produced ..

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