Wednesday, 11 April 2012

laws malleable .. in the hands of people, fully entrusted upon .. not fucking authorities ..

roughen up ..

fuck your fucking law you fucking shits ..

they are taking for granted what amounts to fallibility

and the worse

that people should adhere to .. heed and obey ..

.. unflinching ...

the overwhelming

might of the law ...

no matter what .. fucking law .. it is about ..

reverence .. yield to their knees .. all laid down in the altar of the almighty law ..

law the power of the mighty

the vocabulary used ...enforce ... revealing

against the will of the weak ..

the unpredictable .. holds not

for that mentality .. everything is predictable ..

everything can be covered by the letter of the law ..

(the volumes upon volumes .. a stock for laughing .. in the ridiculous attempt to capture .. what can not be captured)

the almighty law .. is ever reaching .. the arms long to wrap around tightly on each and everyone in the law's jurisdiction ..

selling cheap

councils .. authorities .. shut it ..

headlines radio

reject and protest ..

is .. the human individual

that is the target ..

the beast that ought to ..subdue

to a helpless old ...

render the idea of policing obsolete

enforce ... extinct

eradicate from the minds of people ... the bosoms of societies ..

laws malleable .. in the hands of people fully entrusted ..

not fucking authorities ..

trust ... a cornerstone .. imperative

societies .. totally dependent upon

fucking laws .. that do not inspire ..

contain not .. even a modicum of trust ..

policing ... those fucking laws .. straitjacketing people

based upon ..

personifying .. the very lack of trust ..

the almighty law

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