Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Collapse of financial system. Anarchists state claim, add voice.

.. so refreshing an anarchist in the podium..such a wonderful surprise .. Jeff Berwick
..even more than a surprise .. astounding ..confounding .. profound awe .. that ..he has not been eaten ..alive..
..has survived to tell the tale..
.. allowed to ..and ..there was no ..furore upon this world.. none.. of the protectors of this earth's realm .. no media giants ..

..and i will refrain to mention any case i do not do justice any one of you .. of your ..giant-ness .. the fervent-ness by which would have declared the end of the world.. extreme danger ..anarchists invaded our ..precious ..worlds ..
as if he came out of the closet..

Get far away from USA...its collapse will be messy: Jeff Berwick

"they do not believe in force theft violence"
"..and the question .. are laws excluded "..
" is not the lack of belief in law .. but that of forced law .. " 

they do not believe to steal ..
any idea ..anyone ..of you ..protectors .. media-vigilantes to who he was referring to.. any idea..

..was he referring to the inmates in any of the thousands of penitentiaries .. or .. the ..mates-in .. plush offices ..frequenting banks ..financials ..stock exchanges .. corporations ..governments ..political parties  ..
i know you are such avid social media-ers scouring every platforms possible .. searching for telling tale.. signs
i ..for once i regard it .. as a huge telling sign .. would you not heed it .. and would you not want to make amends and stop pestering us any longer
take your blasted ..noose-loans ..out of our necks .. and ..shove them

the joke ..has turned upside down .. and it is ..solely upon you .. enough of austerity .. the  kids-futures in jeopardy 
there is plenty to go around..

enough with the mockery that you try to pass as economy

the collapse five years ..too many .. i am in hurry ..end the joke .. the debtocracy .. the pure and ..simple stupidity ..the insane austerity ..prove that you are with us  and not from the other side ..while you can.. and no pussyfooting .. no half measures .. throw overboard ..without an inkling of remorse .. whatever it is obvious to all, that there is no agreement upon .. snap it ..and begone with it .. there are better fish to fry in the pond ..more worthwhile ..

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