Monday, 4 February 2013

Osborne uk government threatens banks with break-up of powers. Banks should see the sense in that and willingly seek out ..voluntary euthanasia.

"The UK's biggest banks will be separated if they fail to follow new rules to ring-fence risky investment operations from High Street operations, the Chancellor is set to announce."

BBC News - Chancellor George Osborne backs bank break-up powers

investment .. come to think of it .. a pariah word .. what the hell is investment for .. and for that ..risky investment ..

bankers responsible .. the very word has lost its meaning .. the concept in ..tatters .. in their hands .. a hideous revolting construct ..

to hell with your money and your investments .. stuff them all ..where you know very well to.. and rid yourselves from your presence amongst us ..

you do not deserve all .. your paid advertisements all sorts of media .. does ..fuck-all..

break-up powers .. heed his word .. that's the most sensible thing to do ..

even more should bankers .. see the sense in that .. and seek it out .. eagerly ..start the breaking-up yourselves

a voluntary ..euthanasia .. file for it ..

you might ..salvage something .. even a mere ..reprieve .. you would be lucky ..if ..

try to smooth out your imminent fall .. don't let be a ..hard fall .. cushion it ..

a delay .. of the day and time .. when everything would crumple beneath your feet ..

..and that would not be the end of the world you know it ..or not ..

I dont want you save anything .. not even face ..

that would be the end of your world .. and the birth of ours .. another version of your ..beloved .. the king is dead .. long live the king ..

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