Monday, 4 February 2013

London's attractiveness attribute of banks, a pain for society. The adventures of ..consensus through time.

 "Mr Osborne had previously warned against "unpicking the consensus" over structural reform of the sector."

"But the chancellor appears now to have accepted a major recommendation of last year's Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards which called for a reserve power to "electrify the ring-fence" if banks did not implement reforms."

BBC News - George Osborne backs bank break-up powers

"electrify the ring-fence" .. banks/bankers ..deemed untrustworthy by the very ..heart of banks/bankers supporters .. the very essence .. of that matter .. willingly or unwillingly ..

..through government's own volition ..or being forced to .. the meaning behind the obscure statement attributed to the ..Mr Osborne entity .."unpicking the consensus"  .. consensus ..out of the people the variety of forms this is tested by statistical agencies ..

..unpicking ..meaning ..toppled ..ignored .. put ..aside .. scornfully ..

(treating)---- consensus as a ..non-entity it never happened .. a blip in the ..recordings of a large ..society .. attributed to ..a society gone ..haywire .. a society that refuses to play its role .. as laid out by previously prescribed rules .. set by the group of people that represent the institutions ..the institutions they have made up ... that the very bankers were spawned out of ..

"He said it would damage London's attractiveness as a global financial centre."

attractiveness .. the very term used .. what makes London .. grabbed society by the ballls .. a tight squeeze of society's ballls .. equated to painfulness .. to what London's attractiveness translates into ..

Cameron ..raised hell in EU .. to protect ..London's ..attractiveness .. uk government ..gradually distancing from such a goal .. a turnaround ..

consensus .. upon things .. that people that societies are build out of .. agree ..and disagree .. approve .. and dis-approve ..

throw overboard relentlessly .. what we do not agree upon .. put forward .. implement .. make it happen ..wholeheartedly what ..we agree upon .. no pussyfooting steps ..backward ..

..there are extremely valid reasons .. why .. we feel that way ..

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