Sunday, 28 August 2011

The dark side of the human nature, the overused maligned ploy.

.. end of the world .. hollywood blockbusters .. their theme upon which they draw the plots .. the dark side of the human nature .. pounding our ears .. warping our minds .. so they want us to believe .. the forced upon us saviours .. the would be saviours .. their end is nigh

they read the manuals .. the human individual a beast .. its 'animal' instincts .. that darwinian societies .. the model promoted .. the ruthless pastoral infallible top .. the bottom heathen .. have evolved to subdue .. will overtake its whole essence .. to be unleashed .. in an uncontrollable frenzy .. for people to start destroying each other .. when the end of the world nigh

manuals which have have been guided from .. are exploited .. by the legacy religion .. and especially .. judaeo-christian religion .. has brought upon the human individual .. immense sin bathed from head to toe for each and every human individual .. that needs god to deliver 'us' from .. denying 'us' the will to fend for ourselves .. our emancipation ..

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