Wednesday, 10 August 2011

property .. business ..possessions mere appendages. False uniqueness.

utter condemnation .. scared, afraid .. the need .. to strengthen their resolve .. people will be left with a bitter taste .. 'looters' they are the 'fruits' of the society .. throw-aways that nobody cares for .. amassing in droves ..

a society revolved around .. consumer products .. property .. business ..possessions

property .. to hide oneself in .. isolate self from others .. to rub it ruthlessly ..on others faces .. a crude away to separate the plebs from the patricians

business .. using the need of people .. for products and services .. to extort immense profits .. business owners .. having in mind .. not to make their wares available to people .. not following the simple .. supply and demand tenet .. but manipulating it ruthlessly .. to its utmost ..for the sole reason .. to amass money in their bank accounts

possessions .. like a spoilt brat .. amassing them .. loose oneself within .. making them a symbol .. their use .. their usefulness ..overtaken by the tendency to abuse their existence .. becoming objects of pride .. separating oneself from others .. a degrading uniqueness .. a blackberry iphone owner .. searching for ..uniqueness

full force of the law .. a remnant of no-tolerance justice .. a thorough police state .. to protect alienable properties ..of the human individual .. property .. business ..possessions .. the appendages .. the decorations .. totally blind to the bearer .. and once is stripped off its appendages .. becomes .. a negligible quantity .. police .. not worth ..protecting

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