Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The world facing fundamental changes? Fundamental indeed. Business as usual, crumples and scatters to the winds.

BBC News - Is the world facing fundamental changes?

"If stage one of the crisis involved the transfer of liabilities from the financial sector to governments via bank bailouts,.."

the folly of the strong .. totally forgiven .. their plight transferred .. on the backs of the states .. of people

the imperative .. in nature-maligning .. darwinian societies .. the strong .. should remain strong .. and the weak .. weaker ..

".. stage two is witnessing transfers from weaker governments to stronger governments, as the latter seek to prevent the former from defaulting and causing more financial turmoil."

the strong .. devour the weak .. bailing out the weak .. states in their entirety .. only to condemn them .. deeper in debt ..

business usual .. unsustainable .. the main factor .. for growth development .. the underlying cause .. the substrate upon which .. it can only thrive people .. grossly and in conjunction .. blatantly overlooked ..kick back ..

as for all .. there is to be .. is out of all .. they can be .. nothing less ..and nothing more ..

growth development .. without.. outside .. of people .. impossible .. fundamental changes .. fundamental indeed .. if you could ever imagine them ..

ignoring the ..voices ...people shout out .. it goes beyond philanthropy .. soft-hearted approaches .. as repeatedly were met with disdain reproach .. fuck your philanthropy .. your pity ..

absurd .. even to think ..of it .. to build societies .. outside of .. people .. without people ..

business as usual .. will crumple .. to what it has been constructed out of .. and scattered to the winds .. to vanish for ever ..

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