Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Logic and reason? The human brain is not cut out for the job.

Human Mind Product of Chaotic Evolutionary Path,

Psychology Professor Concludes in New Book (4/16/2008)

.. if that can not be taken as a blow .. to the reverence attributed .. to logic and reason .. to the utter submission

human brain ..the mechanisms involved into making ..mind .. unreliable .. they are not cut out for the job ..

thankfully for that .. otherwise .. the human individual would still be .. living in the caves or being extinct by now ..

and how can it be anything else .. the insurmountable computations .. that only a brain speed-enabled can achieve

before sentence every one .. to the will .. of the bankers ..of accountants . of the states infused ..by logic and reason

let us sway our attention ..at what we do best .. to derive solutions ..an enormous amount of it at the blink of the eye

something that logic and reason .. empowered individuals .. society ..humanity .. would require aeons .. to achieve

logic and reason .. being merely the shaky legs .. standing .. upon the products of chaos .. the chaotic attractors ..

chaotic attractors .. invented .. established ..the states afforded to the individual .. and built upon .. over millennia of evolution ..

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