Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kουνουπια (a.k.a. mosquitoes), mastering ..quantum tunneling.

κουνουπια (a.k.a. mosquitoes) .. masters on earth .. am I kidding .. do I dare ... Λαζαρος (a.k.a. Lazarus) .. his testimony .. to what amounts to a prooof .. awayyy with it ..

mere humans ..contemplating .. whereas κουνουπια (a.k.a. mosquitoes) .. have been there before us .. quantum tunnelling .. accomplished .. long before ..

us humans realised .. realised .. value.. the heck with value .. it is not about value .. it is mere .. accomplishment ..

being near .. near to what .. the foundations .. the essence .. the essence of the world we live in .. essence .. value and essence ..

what is value .. what you can get out of it .. out of its use .. usefulness .. something practical .. something you can make sense out of it ..

to what avail .. for what purpose .. meaning .. meaningful .. what the world is about .. is that necessary ..why ..

does the world ..requires .. to comprehend it .. to live it ..what is living then .. if not .. is not going along with .. its comprehension ..

why living .. without comprehending .. why .. you are living .. mosquitoes .. have been on earth .. long before .. humans were thought of ..

humans were thought of .. when they were still an idea .. in the loins of ..nature .. mother earth .. itself

much to learn .. must communicate with them .. establish a channel .. if that is ever possible .. possible .. how can it ever be possible ..

when we look down .. on them .. consider them as pest .. a nuisance .. that the world ..would be better of .. if it could .. somehow .. rid of them ..

channel of communication .. a challenge to be taken up .. if we are true .. to our inheritance .. our deep-seated ingenuity .. true to ourselves ..

our capacitance .. the powerhouse of our accomplished .. dominance upon this earth .. which by itself .. means .. absolutely ..nothing ..

there should be a time .. to assert ourselves .. detach ourselves by our own achievements .. put them into perspective .. acknowledge .. truly ..

the significance of other species .. direct our potential .. our resources towards achieving .. that ..much needed ..communication ..

if that ever .. be the challenge .. of our much revered .. faculty of philosophy .. the much-maligned pillar .. of our existence ..

acknowledging the existence .. and the significance .. of all other species .. and bow to ..our elders .. the species that survived ..

our long-extinct dinosaurs .. our predecessors .. regard ourselves .. as minors .. compared to them ..

pay our due respects .. being humble to them .. acknowledge .. their ..dominance .. be true .. to what we really are .. just one of the species ..

inhabiting upon this earth .. equal footing .. for all of us .. species .. realising our placement .. and taking advantage .. of what we are capable of ..

the technology .. we have mastered .. put it ..into good use ..


The phenomenon known as quantum tunnelling has been the subject in a variety of sources which have attracted my attention recently.

Quantum Tunnelling and Touch Screen Technology

What is quantum tunnelling.

Quantum trick for pressure-sensitive mobile devices.

where it mentions that

"Simply put, quantum mechanics says that there is a tiny probability that a particle shot at a wall will pass through it in an effect known as tunnelling."

"Similarly, the material that surrounds the spiky balls acts like a wall to electric current. But as the balls draw closer together, when squashed or deformed by a finger's pressure, the probability of a charge tunnelling through increases."

Quantum tunnelling composite.

Mosquitoes 'developing resistance to bed nets'.

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