Monday, 19 December 2011

Any growth under capitalism, an accident. Accidents .. can never sustain capitalism .. for ever. It has been found out .. the game is over.

Is Modern Capitalism Sustainable? - Kenneth Rogoff - Project Syndicate via @ProSyn #oped


"Continental European capitalism, which combines generous health and social benefits with reasonable working hours, long vacation periods, early retirement, and relatively equal income distributions, would seem to have everything to recommend it – except sustainability."

How does one measure ..sustainability .. there certainly should be .. standards measured .. compared ..against .. before one .. certifies ..sustainability ..or not ..

and how ..standards .. are put there in the first place.. certainly it would be a job .. for the standee .. the one that sets the standards ..

and who is gonna be .. the standee .. who will set the standards ..

why ..would it make .. unsustainable .. the generous and social benefits .. the reasonable working hours .. the long vacation periods .. the early retirement .. the relatively (hear hear) equal income distributions .. .. if the standee .. the one that sets the standards .. and the one the standards .. are set against .. if the standee(s) are the people ..

capitalism .. the framework .. within .. the much adored ..sustainability .. should be looked at .. or it ..

sustainable .. under ..capitalism .. are the two terms ..compatible ..


"Perhaps the real point is that, in the broad sweep of history, all current forms of capitalism are ultimately transitional."

.. are ultimately transitional

... someday the struggle for subsistence will no longer be a primary imperative, and contemporary capitalism’s numerous flaws may loom larger.

...the struggle for subsistence will no longer be a primary imperative ..

.. the struggle for subsistence .. a primary imperative .. subsistence .. always on the cards .. depending .. relying upon .. capitalism .. at least the model .. prevailing .. the Anglo-Saxon variety .. never indented .. to keep people .. over .. the ..dare say .. the basic minimum of subsistence .. for the majority of the people ..

never indented .. to rise above that level .. for the majority of the people .. usually .. called .. the plebs .. even though that could be taken as being biased .. and taint .. the assumption .. assertion ..

"Modern-day capitalism has had an extraordinary run since the start of the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago, lifting billions of ordinary people out of abject poverty."

why would that .. lifting billions of ordinary people out of abject poverty .. be attributed .. to modern-day capitalism .. or capitalism at all .. it evades me .. yes .. Industrial Revolution .. technology .. management .. innovation .. but the main characteristic of capitalism .. is the accumulation ..of the fruits of the Industrial Revolution .. to a minority of people .. and not to be distributed .. in an equal base .. among all the people .. over-emphasising .. if that word can describe it .. the contribution of a few .. diminishing to zero the contribution of the many ..

"First, even the leading capitalist economies have failed to price public goods such as clean air and water effectively. The failure of efforts to conclude a new global climate-change agreement is symptomatic of the paralysis."

..for a moment I thought .. that the failure .. mentioned was about .. attaching a price-tag to clean and water .. though .. thinking about it .. they have tried to put a price-tag .. the carbon tax etc., etc. ..

..further .. the idea ..of public goods .. for modern capitalism is to extract financial gains ..out of them .. as if .. by attaching price-tags .. hopefully the matter will be resolved .. by itself .. indirect approaches .. nothing direct .. in the minds of capitalists .. everything should be connected .. with monetary values

.. the system by definition ..and description incapable to solve any problems .. its fixation with money ..destroys everything that it attaches .. any attempts to solve problems .. are marred

money .. from a means .. to an end .. becomes an end that destroys the means ..

capitalism .. its evolution .. to a capitalism .. without money ..

.. money issued by states ..

the capitalist machine .. a sorting machine .. that channels ..the money states issue .. into people's pockets ..

and all know very well .. how these money are distributed .. some get more .. a lot more than others .. and others .. get a tough titty ..

as if .. there are individuals .. that worth ..more than others .. blessed by gods .. abundantly ..

Chinese capitalism .. false dilemmas .. never on the cards .. at all .. or .. better .. the same card .. turned ..over

it has nothing to do .. with innovation .. growth .. progress and prosperity .. it never intended .. plan for that matter ..

any .. growth.. wherever it is witnessed ..its pure accident ..

accidents .. can never .. sustain capitalism .. for ever .. it has been found out .. the game is over ..

at the same time wastes .. profusely .. ..people .. valuable resources .. the planet itself

a pure and unadulterated .. Midas touch ..

worth keeping ..only what it is really worth .. the people .. their skills .. their imagination .. their unquenchable thirst .. for progress and innovation ..

its fixation .. with money ..

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