Monday, 5 December 2011

..from "think globally, act locally" "think cosmically, act globally" ..

"The New Universe and the Human Future: How a Shared Cosmology Could Transform the World (The Terry Lectures Series) [Hardcover], Nancy Ellen Abrams (Author), Joel R. Primack (Author)."

I read .. "..explains why we need to "think cosmically, act globally" ...

..from "think globally, act locally" "think cosmically, act globally" .. a step up the ladder .. the field upon we act .. extends .. includes .. the whole of the earth ..

potential exists .. human mind-enabled .. enabled .. societies-enabled .. the attribute that remains .. to make that ..possible ..

locally defined .. the divisions divided .. well-meant or ill-meant .. the local ..locums .. superseded ..

..local equated to .. and global to cosmic scale .. global the field where people should excel ..

..abandon anything that hinders such process .. what divides people into groups .. to fight against each other ..

..any kind of division .. in what-so-ever way .. it can be thought of .. near or ..distant .. we are ..4.74 degrees .. away from each other..

The Power of Cosmic Thinking

"The exponential growth of the human race and our consumption of resources must be addressed immediately. After all, once an exponential trend is noticed, the authors argue, "we have very little time left to tip the growth curve and correct it."

... exponential growth .. exponential growths .. all over .. choosing .. the parametres .. to concentrate on .. focus upon ..

parametres .. that .. are under a perspective .. the newly discovered .. perspective .. the cosmic perspective ..

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