Thursday, 29 December 2011

Stock market crash risk by algorithmic stock trading? Algorithmic speed avails the quicker resolve for all practices that are constantly exercised.

Algorithmic stock trading rapidly replacing humans, warns government paper -

"One such event is self-reinforcing feedback loops, whereby small changes, perhaps driven by data delays or news events, loop back on themselves and trigger a bigger change, which again loops back."

chaos ..for you with that .. in all matters equal .. what counts the direction given .. by its human operators .. what is .. in their mind .. what they are after ..

that is what .. is constantly tested .. if .. stock market crash.. their demise .. pops out .. so be it ..

if ..what they are after .. does not fit .. falls short .. with what .. the whole global system .. demands for .. awaits ..

algorithmic speed .. will avail .. the quicker resolve .. for all practices .. that are constantly exercised .. trial and errors ..

to eventually ..fall into .. what these practices .. ought to be .. out of all people .. practices that .. dig .. the needs and wants .. of all people the whole global system .. it boils down .. that is .. people-driven ..

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