Thursday, 15 December 2011

Syria's struggle, its very essence.. leaderless. They all do it together .. each .. from its own position with what skills each one is afforded with.

Syrian rebels kill 27 soldiers in south via @reuters

"The bloodshed prompted the head of the main Syrian opposition group to call on the rebels forces' Free Syrian Army to restrict operations against Assad's military to defending protests. "We want to avoid a civil war at all costs," Burhan Ghalioun told Reuters last week."

"But his influence over the insurgents appears limited."

"One Free Syrian Army officer, speaking before Thursday's clashes, said the rebels were justified in targeting Assad's forces and said Ghalioun's comments betrayed "a lack of knowledge of the military basis of this regime.""

""In our view, that does not mean the revolution is abandoning its peaceful nature," said Naimi, who deserted from the Republican Guards. He is now the spokesman for the Free Syrian Army but said he was giving his personal opinion."

Naimi.. was giving his personal opinion ..leaderless .. the very essence of it .. the common cause .. unite .. the people of Syria ..

from his part .. and even .. from the part of ..Burhan Ghalioun .. despite the force .. they command .. they remain as another in the chain .. that mobilises .. the Syrian people .. in their revolt against Assad

to issue orders .. around .. notions of grandeur .. of overpowering might .. but no

.. as in Libya .. partly in Egypt .. and all other countries overthrowing their usurpers .. they all did it together .. each .. from its own position .. from what skills each one is afforded with .. that is what Assad's regime is currently .. up against .. a formidable combination of people .. that merits no other outcome .. but to win .. and nothing can take it away from them ..

"This cannot go on," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters in New York. "In the name of humanity, it is time for the international community to act."

international community .. with its un-flattering past .. to say the least .. split .. tainted .. to an extent .. by .. what are called or used to be .. superpowers .. trying to get an advantage .. to serve ulterior goals ..

no one denies .. the good intentions .. but at times it seems .. it fizzles out .. into almost nothing .. beyond the front-men .. that come as representatives of the international community ..

and of course .. there are members of the international community .. that play a dirtier game .. than any .. reaches cesspool depths

Russia's .. support of Assad's regime .. on the grounds .. of tainted interference .. by the western world ..

blaming .. all that happens around the world .. onto sinister .. underground forces .. even if situations do not merit such a stance ..

evidence .. that they have not ..yet come of age .. the legacy of the soviet times --- still survives ..

is it because .. Putin a former KGB agent .. brought along a horde of his associates .. and run modern Russia

as if it is not what they accuse of .. the Western world .. a property of their very own interference .. and even worse .. as they ignore completely .. the struggle of the Syrian people .. an insult to their face .. to their struggle .. that they are led .. blindly by the bad west ..

their struggle .. is their very own .. and no-one .. can claim it .. snatch it .. out of their hands ..

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