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In "Max Keiser: Presidential Futures are like "Running Man on Steroids"", the comment added ..

"This is what happens when systems get to complicated and bogged down in political, judicial, and corporate BS! It's like one big circle jerk, where uncle sam is the pivot man, and joe citizen is the last one in the circle grabbing his ankles, without a female lead in.
007HubbaBubba 7 hours ago

a statement .. as if it is drawn out of the framework given by ... fits perfectly

conflicting .. BS ..called otherwise .. laws and state legislation

the same BS that continues even now for the primaries in Iowa .. among the candidates of the Republicans in USA

Candidates turn negative in multimillion dollar Iowa television ad blitz

that lead to .. Inextinguishable Debt, Unfunded Obligations and Breach of Fiduciary Duty

laws and legislation .. and they might be .. consistent for the systems .. sub-systems .. and they might work well .. for their particular ..sub-systems .. but as ..sub-systems should work ..within the system they are included in .. within the parameters set by these ..over-all systems .. parameters which might override .. to totally exclude .. prohibit .. constrict and constrain .. the parameters ..set by the comprising sub-systems ..

all the legislation and laws .. to be proven to be .. simply BS ..

In Ben Goertzel's .. intuitive work .. CHAOTIC LOGIC: Language, Mind and Reality from the Perspective of Complex Systems Science, Chapter 3.2.1. The Dynamics of Memory, page 31.
By Ben Goertzel.. there a --- that provides an explanation to this predicament

3.2.1. The Dynamics of Memory
More specifically, this reorganization must be understood to take place on many different levels. There is no "memory supervisor" ruling over the entire long term memory store, mathematically determining the optimal "location" for each entity. So, logically, the only form
which reorganization can take is that of directed, locally governed trial and error.
How might this trial and error work? The most plausible hypothesis, as pointed out in The
Structure of Intelligence, is as follows: one subnetwork is swapped with another; or else
subnetwork A is merely copied into the place of subnetwork B. All else equal, substitution will
tend to take place in those regions where associativity is worse; but there may also be certain
subnetworks that are protected against having their sub-subnetworks removed or replaced.
If the substitution(s) obtained by swapping or copying are successful, in the sense of
improving associativity, then the new networks formed will tend not to be broken up. If the
substitutions are unsuccessful, then more swapping or copying will be done.

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