Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Growth, progress suffocates ..a bottleneck. Bottlenecks .. that is, of corporations. It squeezes ..snuffs out ..what individuals are able to afford ..

 it is not only .. ..'is not just about money'.. .. 'it is not about money ..at all' ..

"For his part, Mr Juncker said the deal did not just have financial implications.

"This is not just about money. It is the promise of a better future for the Greek people and for the Euro area as a whole."

BBC News - Eurozone finance ministers agree deal on Greece bailout

if he could .. grasp ..fathom ..comprehend ..understand

the weight of what came out of his mouth .. him.. and all the people around him .. the Euro area .. and its better future ..

it is not only .. ..'is not just about money'.. .. 'it is not about money ..at all' ..

.. the better future for the greek people and for the euro area .. as a whole ..

it does not depend upon money .. to hell with money ..

money ..is a prop .. thinly investing .. dressing.. the products and services ..people produce ..for people to claim ..their use ..

you do not have to .. pass it through the grinder of money ..to do this  .. the ..stingy profits .. in mind ..

it simply ..does not stand ..

the enormity of the tasks ahead .. for Europe ..for the World ..at large


suffocate .. a bottleneck .. bottlenecks .. of corporations .. it squeezes ..snuffs out ..what individuals are able to afford ..

 their enormous potential .. only to turn it into ..angst and frustration ..

can not suffice .. the terms associated with growth and progress .. nowadays ..

what the system can offer ..only ..to allow some fucking ..individuals tucked in ..neatly within their cosy corporations ..  to make money out of ..

corporations .. were not made .. were not created ..they do not exist ..for some ..fucking individuals .. to make money ..out of ..

they were created to solve the problems people face .. bringing together ..combine their efforts .. and not the fucking profits ..

the current framework .. it proves paltry .. insignificant ..thoroughly inadequate .. to the requirements ..

..to hell with it ..

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