Monday, 26 November 2012

phasing out

phasing out

..human individuals ..communities ..societies .. humanity .. the world  .. getting rid of money ..

money ..and all its accomplices .. human ..society ..state ..humanity ..traits .. trashing lives out .. to even ..trashing the very notion of itself ..

.. the doubt of their utility ..has already entered peoples' mind discourse .. niggling them ..titillating them ..with ..all-embracing ..heart-warming ..anticipation..

.. and to that effect .. thousands to millions of permutations along in the entirety of ..human cognition ..

contemplating ...imagining .. worlds ..developing ..evolving without money ..

.. life itself .. and people's lives ..revolving ..devoid .. in the total absence of money..

... where money is not an option ..

.. only people ..and what they can achieve themselves .. for themselves .. and themselves for others

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