Monday, 26 November 2012

Companies, corporations as in-betweeners become obsolete by a state that replaces them.

individuals needs translated to .. claim to products and services .. allocated per individual ..

products and services ..that are provided by individuals .. their work of .. 

companies ..corporations ..organize ..provide the means for individuals to produce and render ..products and services ..

made possible as individuals acquire skills and know-how .. the human capital .. the only capital .. there is

companies ..corporations .. a box in the middle .. an .. opaque and obscure ..blackbox ..

where the efforts of individuals are directed to .. and from where ..their 'fruits' materialise from ..

the money .. involved as the means ..utterly complicate the process.. a constant source of disparagement .. as the means become the end ..

companies ..corporations .. they are not the owners .. they are simply hiring the services individuals have to offer ..

apart from providing .. the conditions ..machinery, environment .. which would have laid idle .. if it wasn't for individuals to make them go

companies ..corporations ..between the individuals ..that through their work and skill ..products and services become available ..and the individuals claiming such products and services ..

state's role .. distribution .. plans ..oversees .. controls ..

companies ..corporations in-betweeners .. become obsolete .. by a state that replaces them ..

 .. they are not to be trusted ..they have lost any modicum of trust .. arbitrarily bestowed upon them ..

.. they are incapable and incompetent .. to do the job ..they are supposed to do ..

..they are not up to standard ..

state .. created .. organized .. by all its citizens .. for all its citizens .. none excluded ..

.. states in the world scene .. collaborate and cooperate .. by all .. in the name of .. the world's citizens ..for all the world's citizens ..

puts back that current era .. of man cannibalizing man .. an end of it ..once and for all

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