Thursday, 1 November 2012

Collective Intelligence. Global brain. Enter ..capitalism into the equation ..of human progress.

 human progress .. what's the place of capitalism .. with all its offshoots does it stand in it ..

Collective Intelligence: The Mating of Ideas | Collective Intelligence | Big Think

"The British scientist and author Matt Ridley makes an apt comparison between the spread of knowledge and sexual reproduction. Ideas are not birthed by single parents. The accumulation of knowledge over the course of many generations is in their DNA. That is why Ridley sees all of human progress as the mating of ideas."

of capitalism's .. winner takes all ..a smear, a blemish of an idea .. creates out-of-sync ..procedures ..  

capitalism's only role ..but to undo .. what so ..magnificently is built.. by ..eloquent ideas

painstaking and arduous the journey of humans to progress ..because of ..capitalism

and how money .. enters in this process .. being called ..human progress .. imagine ... the utter complications

capitalism ..restrictive .. reactionary ..

"Technology optimists like Thomas Malone, who heads MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence, argue that this global brain will develop into an awesome problem solving tool that will be able to tackle seemingly insurmountable problems. "

 if ..solving problems .. is being put along the lines of ..who would profit out of it ..

problems be solved ..under the profit regime .. the problems become intractable ..

removing a great deal of .. insurmountability .. intractability removing ..capitalism out of the folds of humanity ..

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