Thursday, 29 November 2012

Venture capitalists ..piss-y innovation.

 innovation .. what kind of innovation .. the one ..that brings the dollars in .. that creates profits .. how the hell .. do you measure innovation ..

to what extent will you ..innovate .. what is your ..innovation ..purpose .. 

"If you're libertarian -- which is Thiel's political bias, as he points out, we have too many regulations. In other words, he says, "we've outlawed innovation."

Bits Versus Stuff: Peter Thiel Asks Why Has Innovation Stalled | Collective Intelligence | Big Think

what the heck do you have in mind .. when your mouth .. pouts out the word ..innovation .. your ..innovation .. the same as my ..innovation .. or ..of ..anyone else for that matter..

venture capitalist .. yourself .. the capital .. a before and after case .. so much capital before much capital after .. the capital mind ..strongly focused ..

what ever comes in between .. between ..for and after .. irrelevant ..

pissed-on aprons ..technologically innovated to ..women's garments .. will suffice .. innovation ..merely a pissing off ..factor

that is how .. success .. registers the(your) ..libertarian mind ..

"What's extremely dangerous is when you have a belief in progress and you act on it and it doesn't happen," Thiel says. For instance, there would be no problem with the government borrowing a huge amount of money "if you had enough growth to make that borrowing manageable."

"But that is not the case today."

you are wrong .. oh so very wrong .. that is the case

specifically .. we are ..running through .. that 'case' .. the whole world ..reels .. because of that ..

fiscal cliffs .. sovereign bankruptcies .. name it ..

banks .. financiers ..the bad advisers .. for states and governments ..

we are about humanity .. to get rid of them ..that scourge of humanity .. and certainly we do not need another anathema .. a leach on our skins ..

you ..preaching for innovation .. piss-y innovation .. un-regulated ..

there is only one innovation .. the innovation that matters for people .. and not your ..fucking pockets

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