Thursday, 1 November 2012

Capitalism's auto-destruction. The button is hit....

 capitalism's auto-destruction .. had hit the button ..  it doesn't require an overthrow .. blood spilt .. lives lost ..

it will just ..wither and die .. erased from the minds of people ..

starts with .. by people accepting that the reality .. the capitalist system has created .. it is not ..unique .. singular .. absolute ..

as .. and the minds of people .. adiabatic .. impenetrable barriers .. seemingly .. erected   to enclose .. ensnare us in ..

it isn't .. there are other realities .. possible .. plausible .. potential

to make the step ..out of the system .. individually ..and collectively .. to seek realities beyond the system ..

to explore .. new worlds .. new realities .. to go where .. no ..human mind has ever ..gone before ..

capitalism's demise .. it does not need an explanation .. why ..its destruction is necessary .. a necessary condition for human progress ..

explanation that current moment in time .. can only be drawn out ..of what the current system we are under ..can provide us with ..

and that is a recipe for false .. results .. an extension of ..Goedel's undecidability theorem .. incompleteness theorem ..

baffle and perplex .. whoever attempts .. to find solutions from within the systems ..

as what can be offered as a solution .. is what the system can provide .. and as any solution ..or any lead ..  drawn out of the system ..

it will be proven ..inadequate in solving the problem(s) .. as it is drawn right out of the system .. the very system that has been proven

sterile .. and incompetent .. in generating ..providing solutions to problems ..

a systemic crisis .. of the capitalist system worldwide .. it is not .. a fluke the system .. it is the very system's properties .. that brought it forth ..

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