Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thought experiment. What a world without money be? An Introduction. Ongoing.

thought experiment .. the equivalent of .. or similar ..at least .. just ..in case .. the man .. gets annoyed ..

a world ..with ..as it is right now .. and the ..or ..a world .. without .. money ..

a world ..where people will do their jobs .. without the need of being compensated in money ..

jobs .. without the need to be allocated with monetary criteria ..

but ..solely on the requirements entailed by the manufacturing and distribution of the products and providing organising and dispatching the services ..

the whole world of people .. to be accounted, to man and woman .. the posts to accomplish such tasks ..

coordinated right down to the far corners of this world .. to the modicum of product and service to be rendered ..

the skills and expertise that people bestow upon themselves .. and proud for ..

its pure essence ..the conditions.. the environment ..  to be exercised to..  its utmost fulfillment .. and to the uppermost delight .. that can ever be achieved by anyone and ..for every one ..in the world ..

 to really call each other ..brother and sister .. despite ..colour ..creed ..beliefs .. whoever and wherever ..they are ..

to approach a strange .. face .. without ..anticipating ..fear and trepidation .. but ..heart-warming ..companionship ..

and all-the-while accomplish .. and prove to the benefit of humanity ..what is said that ..too many hands ..make work lighter..

a utopia ..fit to the human individual .. within our grasp ..

what will stand against .. to the accomplishment of such a utopia..

..not the elites .. not the moneyed men .. neither the corporations ..nor the banks

..not even .. the most ..maligned warped government ..or state ..or even more ..not any autocratic regime in the world over .. 

but the inertia ..built-in ..in the darwinian societies .. the cobwebs ..under which each one of us ..is trapped and ..entangled in 

how many .. will loose their jobs .. and may or may not ..loose their status .. as .. by definition ..a world without money .. it would not be your survival .. that is at stake ..

loosing your job .. what fills you ..in .. what fills the void(ref.) within you .. loose perspective .. direction .. loss of purpose in life ..

what builds insurmountable barriers .. inertia ..at its ..utmost .. overbearing

the odds that we have to fight against ..

what's the percentage of the world's population is ..involved ..in handling money ..

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